Contact Change Request Form

Requestor Information

Responsibility Contact Changes

What company(s) are being updated?
(Please Note: If requesting “Account Access Contact” only this section is not required.)

Account Access Contact

Contact will be set up with CSCGlobal access to the account, but will not receive notices.

Responsibility Contact Changes

What company(s) are being updated?
(Please note: If changes involve multiple contacts/companies, please attach a list outlining the changes.)

What responsibility(s) will the new contact have?
(Please note: Many jurisdictions require electronic delivery of notices/reminders. Please provide a current email address for each contact.) (Please also note: If you checked “new user contact only” above, please skip this section.)

Primary Legal Contact

Receives legal documents such as service of process. Email is required as SOP and/or notifications are delivered electronically.

Primary Compliance Contact

Many states have regulations that require business entities to provide their registered agent the name of a natural person listed as the compliance contact. They receive tax notices, annual reports, and official notices from the state. Notices are sent in the manner they are received from the state. Email is required as notices can be forwarded by either mail or email.

Billing Contact

Receives invoices for CSC annual renewal services (only one contact allowed).

Secondary/Optional Contact Responsibilities

Legal Redirect

Will receive a notification that a service of process was received. Email address is required as notifications are sent via email only.

Compliance Redirect

Will receive notification that a compliance notice was sent to the primary compliance contact.

Annual Report Billing Contact

Contact is only required if company has CSC’s Annual Reports Service. Contact receives CSC invoices after annual state filings are completed.