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Delaware annual report eFiling login

The fast, easy way to file and pay for your Delaware annual reports and tax notices.

Looking to outsource in all states where you do business?

Save time and reduce your chances of filing mishaps by letting CSC® prepare and file your annual reports.

CSC's online Delaware eFiling system lets you: do the following

  • Access status and other information about all your Delaware corporations
  • File reports and pay taxes for all corporations, regardless of Registered Agent designation
  • Prepare and file multiple annual reports simultaneously when logged in with your CSCGlobal Registered User
  • Pay using one of four easy payment options: electronic check (ACH), credit card, check, or wire transfer

Our E-Filing system allows you to calculate Alternative Tax with single- and multi-level stock structures. Best of all, CSC stores all of your annual report and tax notice information in our secure system, streamlining your filings in subsequent years.

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* Your CSC ID number and Delaware file number contain 7 digits. If either number on your Delaware notice does not contain 7 digits, please add zeros at the beginning of the number.